Mark Graph is an utter and unashamed hack.

On leaving school, he started but never completed a degree in mathematics and computer science. He has since completed a first class honours degree majoring in "policy studies" (whatever that happens to be) and two degrees in "economics" (whatever that happens to be).

Mark is often found sitting at the computer trying to squeeze an insight or two from the numbers he finds on the inter-webby thing.

His motto: If you torture the data long enough it will tell you anything. With pandas and matplotlib, you can even make it sound convincing.

Mark started this web site as a way of passing on the the little tricks he has discovered as he navigates the infinite complexity of the pandas python data analysis library.

This web site should be seen as an adjunct to his cheat-sheets on python, pandas and matplotlib.

As he has already said, Mark Graph is an utter and unashamed hack. Not all of these code snippets will be elegant. Nor can he guarantee that they will be efficient. And if you are looking for "pythonic", well, no guarantees there either. All I can say, they got a job done when I needed it to be done on a particular day.

Be warned: You use these code snippets at your own risk.